WUSA Social Membership – Fall 2021

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Purchasing the WUSA social membership should only be done if you were not automatically charged on Quest.
This fee allows you to participate in the social activities of WUSA like going to open events, joining clubs, and use or volunteer with Services and Commissions of WUSA.

Once you have paid for the social membership, you will have a receipt emailed to you which you may use when you need to prove your membership. This membership is only valid in the term it was purchased.

The cost of the social membership is 30% of the full-time membership (not including capital fees) – this is the same as a part-time student would regularly be charged.

Feel free to head over to https://wusa.ca/opportunities/ to see the ways you can get involved with WUSA or https://wusa.ca/event to see what events you would like to be a part of.

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